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Lukas Kikuchi


October 29, 2023

Welcome! I’m excited to present our new blog. This space will serve as an outlet for my team to write about our research. In particular, you can expect the following from us:

Deep-dives: Here, we delve into the technicalities and offer in-depth discussions of the findings we present in our public-facing reports. Many of our posts will also be accompanied by open source code published on our GitHub account.

Tech tutorials: We are constantly finding new techniques to add to our quant research tool-belt. We will use this blog to write up our learnings to share with the wider movement.

Musings on tech and progressive politics: The intersection of technology and politics is increasingly undeniable, and Autonomy, and the ADU in particular, tries to be right in the middle of it. This space is reserved for our reflections, discussions, and observations on how technology can influence, and be influenced by, progressive political movements and ideas.

Say tuned for our upcoming posts!

Lukas Kikuchi, Head of the Autonomy Data Unit